Service Providers

The directory includes a list of companies that support the IR function in the Middle East, categorised by their main area of expertise.

All listed service providers have a proven track record in the region in the field of investor relations.

Annual Report

Fanda is an international ESG consultancy firm headquartered in Dubai with more than 22 years of industry expertise and over 3000 projects delivered all over the world. Specializing in Emerging Markets, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet our clients' needs in investor relations, sustainability communication, ESG data, and annual and sustainability reporting. Whether it is the production of annual reports from analysis to publishing, ESG consulting, IPO communications, or corporate website creation, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class services. Fanda's clients benefit from our global expertise and deep understanding of local standards, ensuring their needs are met with precision and excellence. Our utilization of proprietary information technologies drives results faster than the market average, empowering clients with valuable insights for achieving their goals more effectively. Furthermore, our extensive track record of over 500 global awards and a team of 200+ in-house professionals establishes us as a recognized leader in the field, consistently delivering exceptional services to our clients. To learn more about how we can be useful to your company, please visit our website or reach out to us via email.
email: and We would be happy to provide you with further information and address any inquiries you may have.

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Galina Pogorelaya Business Development Director
+ 971 50326 3240
ESG and Sustainability

Based in the UAE, Sustainable Square stands at the forefront of global advisory firms, specializing in the strategic elevation of ESG narratives. We provide a suite of services designed to augment your ESG ratings, enhancing your equity story and making it more compelling to the investor community.
Our presence spans across 15 markets and three regions, wherein we partner with a diverse range of businesses, helping them navigate the complex world of ESG performance. By placing a strong emphasis on organizational sustainability, robust ESG disclosure, climate change mitigation strategies, responsible investment, and social impact, we're committed to amplifying your business's investment appeal.
Our team streamlines the process of managing and reporting ESG performance, leveraging our expertise and technology to support businesses in becoming more transparent, responsible, and inclusive. Our proven approach and innovative solutions not only simplify complex tasks but also drive a significant enhancement in ESG ratings - a key factor for attracting and retaining conscientious investors. We have conducted over 2,000 board capacity building sessions and work with IR managers, ESG managers and the C-suite executives to craft sustainability roadmaps that help organisations thrive by creating value for investors and other stakeholders.
With a proven track record, including over 170 successful projects and a 92.3% Customer Satisfaction Score, we've worked with over 120 clients to shape their ESG narratives and improve their ESG ratings. Our work has consistently contributed to increasing investor confidence, fostering long-term investment, and bolstering our clients' reputations in the ESG space.
Reach out to us at to discover how Sustainable Square can elevate your ESG ratings and strengthen your equity story. We are eager to customize our offerings to align with your unique ESG goals and to ensure that your business stands out to the investment community.

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Monaem Ben LellahomPartner - Group CEO
+971 555449920