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The directory includes a list of companies that support the IR function in the Middle East, categorised by their main area of expertise.

All listed service providers have a proven track record in the region in the field of investor relations.

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Arkadin helps businesses build a more flexible working environment and enhance their productivity by delivering Cloud Communication services.

More than technology alone, we understand that it’s people working with people that actually creates positive change.  Whether its delivering a large event, making video systems interoperate or enabling global Cloud voice, we look after every aspect of the project and we take the hassle out of user adoption.

At Arkadin we have successfully transformed our own business by putting our people at the heart of our communications:  we work with all our customers to help them do the same, to create a digital workplace that will thrive because it is designed around the people who will enjoy it.

Present in 33 countries and part of NTT Communications, we have been changing the way businesses communicate for fifteen years.  We continue to learn from our base of 50,000 clients: many business challenges are similar but every business demands unique attention.

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Maxime BoudierBusiness Development / Account Manager
T: +971 44 462 966
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Lumi is the dominant player globally in the facilitation of Annual General Meetings for Companies (whether listed or non-listed), Associations, Legislative Bodies, Membership Organizations and Partnerships. Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware and services that assists registrars or event organizers to register delegates, provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services and relevant reporting – whether in a physical location, a virtual environment or a combination of the two. Lumi is headquartered in Hampshire, UK where central functions including finance, product development and marketing are based, but has offices in 11 countries across EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Highly differentiated in the majority of markets where it is active, it benefits from extremely strong, experienced and renowned MDs who head up each in-country team. Registrars play a pivotal role in facilitating the AGM process, by enabling issuers to obtain access to the Lumi platform. Lumi holds global relationships with multiple leading company registrars and has long-term licensing and service arrangements with all leading registrars across all operating territories. Following a successful MBO in 2017, backed by Vespa Capital, Lumi has continued to consolidate their market leading positions across the globe, as well as expanding both organically and through acquisition. Its mobile solution enabled Lumi to facilitate the UK’s first electronic AGM held by a listed company, Jimmy Choo, in June 2016. The onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of the Lumi virtual meeting platform, expanding the number of countries in which Lumi operates to over 30.

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Yousef QarenManaging Director
+971 50 676 8860