Qatar Stock Exchange and the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA) held 8th Annual IR Conference in Doha

November 20, 2017 Doha, Qatar

November 20, 2017, Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) today held the 8th Annual Investor Relations Conference in cooperation with the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA). The conference was held at the Rotana City Center in Doha with the participation of a wide range of representatives from leading listed companies, market participants, regulatory bodies and investors.

With its continuous efforts to further promote the adoption of international best practice in the field of Investor Relations (IR) and Corporate Governance amongst its listed companies, QSE decided to hold this event in an interactive type sitting so that all listed companies and the investment community can gain greater exposure to the latest IR strategies and effective practices utilized worldwide.

Mr. Rashid bin Ali Al Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE), stressed in a speech during the opening of the conference on the importance of investor relations in light of the growing competition to attract capital and investments, and added that the QSE will develop this event into an annual exhibition for investor relations as of the next year with participation of Qatari listed companies, analysts, investment community and other stakeholders who would interact and discuss topics of mutual interest over more than one day. Within this context, QSE believes that IR is an essential business support function that helps its listed companies attract more investors, enhances credibility and ultimately facilitates expansion and growth opportunities for its companies.”

“We continue to take the initiative to impress upon all market participants the importance that IR serves in ensuring that the story of your business is well understood and positioned since at its core, good IR is about effective communications between a company and its shareholders, both in good times but just as importantly in bad times. Not enough of our listed companies have the necessary comprehensive IR strategies, including best practice in place and are actively engaged with investors. Our listed companies must be equipped at all times to respond to a crisis when it happens in line with its current strategy.” Al-Mansoori elaborated.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Emadi, Listing of QSE, said: “The event today builds on the ground work of prior events and is specifically designed this year to give our listed companies the opportunity to interact with industry experts in the area of IR. The agenda topics of this conference give the listed Qatari companies the opportunity to interact with investor relations experts and identify the most important actions that a company must take in exceptional circumstances such as the geopolitical turbulent being experienced in the region.

“The inclusion of investor relations in QSE regulatory framework is required as it would enhance the efficiency of the Qatari capital market and increase investment visibility for our listed companies especially in light of major fluctuations and geopolitical turbulences when the need for an efficient investor relations function arises to keep investors and enhance confidence in the securities of these listed companies.” Al-Emadi added.

“At QSE, we strive to deliver the necessary tools and the know-how in developing your IR strategies within your respective companies and better yet communicating an effective strategy to the international investment community.” Mr. Al-Emadi concluded.

The event targeted all Qatari listed companies, featuring a wide spectrum of presentations and panel discussions on a series of significant topics covering of global best practices in IR. The program topics aim to educate listed companies on the importance of sound Investor Relations practice covering the daily functions of international IR teams, crisis Management from corporate perspective, ESG issues and the understanding of the value of indices for Qatari listed companies.

QSE and its listed companies have been working together over many years to ensure disclosure and transparency are developed through an increasing focus on IR. The recent inclusion of Qatar in the MSCI, S&P and FTSE Emerging Markets indices has served to increase attention in Qatar’s stock market and all its listed companies.

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