MEIRA Kuwait IR seminar “What motivates GCC retail investors to invest in listed companies in Kuwait”

What motivates GCC retail investors to invest in listed companies in Kuwait

Retail investors make up nearly two-thirds of trading volumes across GCC markets. Understanding this cohort’s attitude towards investments and behavior towards media content is imperative when devising an effective investor relations and communication strategy.

Brunswick Insight surveyed 1034 retail investors across the GCC to:

  • Understand retail investors’ investment behavior and outlook towards investing in IPOs
  • Assess sources of information that retail investors tap into
  • Identify the type of content that influences investment decisions
  • Pinpoint media consumption behavior among GCC retail investors and preferred channels of communication to hear from companies on

Join our event to learn more about the similarities and differences of retail investors across the GCC, and more in particular in Kuwait. We will explore what influences investment decisions and how can companies refine their narrative to be more salient with this audience?

How can listed companies attract retail investors from other GCC countries? Which activities impact a company’s reputation the most? How is it different in the Kuwaiti market? Which stakeholder groups should companies proactively engage with?


This event is open to MEIRA members and IR practitioners in Kuwait.


Al Kharafi Auditorium, Boursa Kuwait