MEIRA D&I Working Group: Gender Culture Workshop

MEIRA D&I Working Group
Gender Culture Workshop

Dear members,

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming workshop on gender culture with Elizabeth Coffey, Founder, Spark Leadership. The session will take place online on 6 July at 12pm UAE time.

When you travel abroad, you are a stranger in a strange land – a minority in a majority culture. In that foreign country, what makes you notice you are ‘different’? When you drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road? When you try a dish that ‘doesn’t taste right’? When you get lost?

Remember a time like that in your life…How does it feel? A bit off balance? Amusing? Alarming? This is what it is like for women when they move – as a minority – into a male-dominated work culture.

We’ll look at the lighter side of gender culture through the lens of your own experience being ‘the odd one out’. What did you do to navigate that challenge? How did others’ help? I’ll lift the curtain on provocative real-world leadership stories that challenge your assumptions, make you laugh and spark some insights.

Target Audience

The event is open to MEIRA members and IR practitioners.