IR Essentials: Shareholder profiling, Investor targeting and corporate access

IR Essentials – Shareholder profiling, investor targeting and corporate access are at the heart of proactive IR and any supporting IR programme.

What are the trends, what does your share register look like, what other potential investors can you consider in the competition for capital and how does operating in the virtual world change how you can address new opportunities to add another building block to your IR?

Join us as we hear from expert speakers, including an IRO perspective from the ground in the Kingdom. We are delighted to also be joined by a MEIRA Saudi Board member, the buy-side and a renowned international speaker to put the discussion into a broader market context.


  • Faisal F. Altimyat, Senior Investor Relations Specialist, Al Rajhi Bank
  • Alison Owers, CEO, Orient Capital
  • Valentina Barnfather, Head of Corporate Access, Capital Group
  • Peter Gotke, Executive Director – Corporate Head of Sales, EMEA, IHS Markit


To access the recording, click here.