2024 MEIRA Annual Conference and Awards - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE
December 2024

Investor Relations Awards, Best Practice category – in partnership with Institutional Investor

The Middle East Investor Relations Association’s 2024 IR Best Practice Awards scheme is conducted in partnership with Institutional Investor and based on the results of the Emerging EMEA Executive Team survey conducted by II Research. Every year, global buy- and sell-side professionals give their votes for the best IR programmes and professionals, including CEOs and CFOs, in the Middle East.

In preparation, IR teams are required to verify their company information and contact details as well as to provide their insights into IR trends and best practices. This process is already open and it is recommended to start it at the earliest as the official polling process with the buy and sell-side will start on 2 April.

This Executive Team research has evolved into a crucial tool for corporate IR and Executive Teams, sell-side, and increasingly, buy-side entities to assess the quality and efficacy of their ongoing engagement and communication efforts. The data derived from this process is instrumental in conducting their impartial annual performance evaluation, monitor market sentiment and benchmark against peers.

Follow these easy steps to be prepared before the survey opens.

Links to complete the steps:

  1. Verification roster: https://roster.institutionalinvestor.com/home
  2. IR trends and best practices: https://voting.institutionalinvestor.com/welcome
  3. Buy and sell-side contacts form: click here to download


  1. Corporate Insights Survey: 26 February – 29 March
  2. Submitting Buy and Sell-Side contact list: 15 March
  3. Buy and Sell-Side survey: 2 April – 26 April

If you have any questions about the process, contact Institutional Investor (amani.korayeim@iiresearch.com) or MEIRA (info@meira.me)

Best Annual Report Award - Self-entry category

The Best Annual Report Award is a self-entry category and the results will be based on the selection and review done by the judging panel. There are two separate categories, print and digital.

The award is open to any company in the Middle East with listed securities and entries can be submitted by the company itself or by any third-party on behalf of the company (agency, advisor, banker, lawyer).

Nominees will be announced in October 2024 and the winners will be announced at the MEIRA Awards Ceremony 2024.

The submission is closed.