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Certification Programme

MEIRA has offered IR and Financial Communications training to regional professionals since its foundation in 2008. The first Certified Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) programme was developed by leading regional IR professionals.

The Certificate in Investor Relations (CIR) delivered in partnership with the London based UK IR Society is an internationally recognised qualification in Investor Relations.
It is regarded as an essential prerequisite for those entering the IR profession, and a valuable benchmark for those already in the profession. The qualification ensures an appropriate level of factual knowledge of both the regulatory requirements and the financial and market environment, which will enable the practitioner to operate competently.

The benefits of obtaining the Certificate include

  • Demonstrates competence
  • Enhances career development
  • Provides professional recognition within the IR community

The qualification is suitable for anyone working in Investor Relations or related professions, or considering a move into Investor Relations.

What do they say about the CIRO Programme:

"We found the course and accompanying exam highlighted and expanded on the role of the investor relations function and provided a useful insight into how a best practice investor relations function should be run. We would recommend the course to all of those who are interested in expanding their investor relations knowledge or wanting to refresh their knowledge around changes in the investor relations environment." 
Todd Wilkin, Acting Head of Investor Relations, Qatar National Bank

"MEIRA promotes best practice in IR across the region because this will enhance the reputation of its markets and its participant's ability to compete for capital globally. In this, the CIRO’s course content and knowledge transfer from experienced IROs are one of our principle weapons."
Paul Reynolds, ex-Chairman of MEIRA and Managing Director at Rothschild

Feedbacks and key figures:

CIRO training 18-19 November 2015, Dubai

- 2 days training, 24 attendees

"The course met its stated aims, it broadered my knowledge about Investor Relations and Regulation, both locally and internationally" F.H (Marka Holding), 19 November 2015

"The course was all clear and connected, it was generally useful to my future career" H. A (Dubai Financial Market), 19 November 2015

"Hosting a IRO guest speaker with a global experience was very beneficial" S. A, 19 November 2015

CIRO Exam Dubai and Kuwait, 22 January 2015

- 1 hour exam
- 16 candidates
- Minimum score acceptance 65%
- Passing rate among candidates: 50% pass, 50% fail

CIRO training May 2015, Kuwait, Qatar and Abu Dhabi

- 2 days training, 3 different cities, 32 attendees
- 21 candidates for the Exam
- Minimum score acceptance 65%
- Passing rate among candidates: 81% pass, 19% fail