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Chairman's welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of our Board of Directors, it is my great honour to welcome you to the Middle East Investor Relations Association.

The Middle East Investor Relations Association is a non-profit organization, created by Investor Relations (IR) professionals for IR professional to promote international best practice in the MENA region. Since the Association ’s inception in 2008, the regional capital markets have become more integrated into the global emerging market universe and attract a more international and demanding audience. As regional markets continue to evolve, the Middle East Investor Relations Association plays a pivotal role as a trusted partner for Investor Relations professionals and market participants alike.

One of the main objectives of the Middle East Investor Relations Association is to provide a platform where our members can network, exchange ideas and share knowledge. By promoting IR and assisting local companies, we encourage more transparency, disclosure and communication with the local and international investment community, which is a critical element in the success of any capital market’s ability to build and maintain investor confidence.

To this background, we deliver a certification program for IR professionals and we organise regular workshops to provide the best professional development tools to our members. We host an annual IR conference, our flagship event, where we partner with Extel to award the best Investor Relations efforts. We have also developed a large network of regional country and city chapters where the IR community can interact and share ideas on the ground.

The Association is very fortunate to have members and sponsors that dedicate both human and financial resources to the cause of fostering best practice Investor Relations right across the Middle East. We can count on like-minded IR professionals and volunteers to promote our activities in chapters, organise events, speak at conferences, participate in trainings and communicate the benefits of Investor Relations to the regional IR community.

We are pleased to observe that the Investor Relations function has gained significant importance in the region. This further incentivises the Association to deepen its scope of activities and to introduce more tools that foster the development of the Investor Relations profession.

Thank you for your interest in the Middle East Investor Relations Association​, we look forward to working with you to promote Investor Relations in the region.